Nina Sky ride and drive the 2009 Ford Flex Limited Edition AWD

“I can’t drive. I just got a permit,” says Natalie Albino as she is handed the keys to the new Ford Flex. Luckily, her sister Nicole—the other half of Nina Sky—is licensed. The identical twins are resident New Yorkers, and having been raised in Astoria, Queens, these 22-year-old humming birds know a thing or two about navigating the streets of the Rotten Apple, (even if one of them must do it from shotty). The two currently “share” a BMW 650 and Infiniti FX. “The FX we drive everywhere ’cause it’s like the family car. We roll with our friends when we’re trying to go out,” says Nicole. “But the stuntin’ car is the BMW. When you rolling out to the club and it’s just you and your homegirls, you definitely roll out in the 650.”

So with 1.5 drivers behind the wheel, we go to Nina Sky to give us their opinion on the all-new 2009 Flex. It has 262hp pumping from a Duratec V6 engine and sits TK, but can Ford’s new, lengthy lunch box impress two hot chicks? Read on.

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  • Jason Reaves

    Nina Sky The Chicks In Puerto Rico Right Now. The Hottest One Is Nicole She Is FIRE! And There Around My Age I’m Born 87 And There Born 86 Perfect Match. NINA SKY Can You Please Go Out On A Date With Me Sorry To Mention This Threw Website But There To Hot.

  • ABE