Best In Show

Wheel Concepts & RIDES Magazine NYC Custom Car Show

Die-hard gearheads may balk at the concept, but there’s a reason most show cars don’t flaunt a daily driver status. Like choosing the right day to wear them vintage Js, you really got to consider where you’re going—and what you might have to step through to get there. Under that logic, you’d think throwing a car show in Manhattan would be like asking old soles to trek through a cow pasture during a torrential downpour. But Staten Island’s Wheel Concepts took a chance, gambling on the fact that if given an opportunity to stunt, New York pride would prevail over trailer-queen conservativeness.

With RIDES in the house to blow on the dice, the forgotten borough’s top customizer rolled big, filling up every available spot in the West Side’s former freight hangar, Pier 94. Everything from big-bodied luxury to screaming imports and even a few Donks came through—solidifying the Big Apple’s rep as one of the most diverse culture centers you’ll ever cruise through…or around.

Full selection of pictures coming soon!