Forgiato Parlaro

Designing a rim can be like walking a tightrope. Any experienced wheel artist will tell you that creative dreams can slip into nightmares when you overlook the basic principle of balance. Unless you’re into rides that rattle your kidneys, symmetry is key for a rim that won’t make a freshly paved freeway feel like the Rubicon Trail. But Forgiato’s new Parlaro puts a clever spin on design tactics. With a little weird science, the unconventional wheelhouse discovered there are different ways of achieving smooth. Creating the Parlaro was a “real pain in the ass,” says Norman Celik, founder of Forgiato Inc. “We went against the laws of physics.” In reality, no laws are being broken on this lunar module—just worked around. The Parlaro’s uniquely incorporated half-moon element balances the wheel as it spins, acting as a counterweight to keep the rim perfectly balanced at high speeds. You’ll ride as smooth as Barry White’s vocals dipped in melted chocolate.Every Parlaro’s half moon is different from the next. Depending on width, height, color and finish, no set of wheels on any ride will ever be the same. “All of the Parlaros are built from scratch,” explains Celik. Forgiato is also proud to add that every part and phase of these customs, from their nuts and bolts to the tools used for assembly, are made in the U.S.A.So if you’re looking for something fresh and innovative to shine with, the Parlaro just might fit your bill. But get in line quick—the waiting list is already deep like high tide.