Price of Perfection

Pete Maurio takes his G35 to infinity and beyond—and completely breaks the bank in the process.

Some things money can’t buy. Hell, not even a limitless Discover card can prevent exclusivity from falling into that category. Pete Maurio knows this all too well. Ever since purchasing his silver bullet 2003 Infiniti G35 five years ago, the New York native has seen more shark biters than Animal Planet. “You look to do something to be different, and you look around and everyone winds up having the same shit. I bought [the car] new [and], sad as it is, you see a million of them that color [now],” he says. “But I don’t blame ’em, ’cause it looks the best out of all the stuff they made for the car.”

To read on, cop RIDES June 2008, on sale now.

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