Whip It Out

Fly Ball

In Naptown, Peyton Manning reigns supreme on the field, but the owner of this baseball themed Impala, Kyle Shaffer, holds down the block. Typically themed whips are bluntly plastered with manufacturer’s monikers all over in an attempt to be different. In Kyle Shaffer’s case, being unique was the prime objective, but not the only one… To read more, pick up a copy of RIDES May 2008 today. 

  • kyle

    man the impala looks so good in its feature its amazing….thanks again to rides mag for this opportunity now lets see it at the M.L.B. WORLD SERIES

    • Whatever all MLB Players are drug users i hope all there cars fall apart

  • Ryan

    Fuc U “Warren GZ” do you even know what players are on the car? Its old Hall Of Famers from over like 30 to 50 years ago..Ur a lame for sayin that…Keep Smashin the Impala game Kyle and keep Naptown On The MAP!!!…and o kyle be on the look out for my basketball Impala hopefully we can get a like a 3 or 4 page spread together…you inspired me and I remember ur shit with 15inch Kickers and 20inch DUBs on it Eastside To Tha Westside Nappyville Gig Fam and everybody from Indy know this baseball Impala and 1 more time WARREN GZ ur a lame id like to see ur car.FOR REAL!!

  • Shawn Fisher

    Hey Kyle this is shawn fisher we went to school at pike and i remember when you had the flat black 79 and you and d p was at the mall and that shit was hot that was little boy shit now you on that grown man shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holla Nap all day …………………..

    • kyle

      thanks to everyone for all the support real talk hopefully someone will see this and get me to the world series……heyyy what up shawn???

  • Dougie Fresh

    Shaf the car looks great bro, I remember when you first got the rims