Savini SV-8

If you’re not rockin’ a Lambo or a Ferrari, chances are your ride is lacking some carbon fiber. Sure you could throw some bits and pieces in the interior but you’re gonna want to set yourself apart from the crowd with something a little more stylish and purposeful. Carbon fiber gives you that luxury exotic look that stands out among all other materials, alligator skin not included. You wouldn’t throw a gator on your wheels but the carbon fiber can be arranged.Savini can help you with that carbon fiber look. Using a 4×4 Carbon layer technique, Savini managed to combine strength and style with European inspired designs and the same engineering found in six-figure whips. Their new SV-8 wheels feature carbon fiber coverings on the outer lip and over the forged centers. As an added bonus, most of the fitments can be had with up to seven inches of lip, ‘cause nothing sets off a luxury barge like a set of deep-dish wheels. And don’t think you’re limited to a certain amount of color combinations, either. If you want a set of 22s with six-inch carbon fiber lips and bright pink centers, Savini will make it happen. Custom-center caps? Throw them a design and consider it done. Your whip may not be exotic, but the looks can be.  Michael Crenshaw