Kid Robot

As the new voice of the hip-hop youth, it’s only fitting Soulja Boy’s whips come with a remote control.

Photography by Ken Reid // Story by Felipe Delerme

Have you ever created a dance? If so, you were probably permanently uninvited to school-sanctioned events until you agreed to stick strictly to the cool-guy head nod. DeAndre “Soulja Boy” Way pretty much had the opposite experience. With his “Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)” record and the accompanying dance, this 17-year-old has the whole country doing his dance. With this Collipark Music deal and monstrous digital sales, Soulja Boy now has the means to explore his new hobby: remote control cars. Yup, no fleet of high-priced euro sleds and jacked-up old-schools for this young’un. RIDES caught up with Soulja in his native ATL to talk about his favorite pastime and why R/C planes ain’t for him. Soulja Boy, tell ’em!

Down South everyone’s ridin’ high. What made you want to get low with R/C cars? It’s something I do, just like the Bathing Apes. I ain’t really been at it that long. Just since I got the deal.

Do you just stunt with ’em or do you race ’em?
It’s more for looks. Like, if I buy a car, I’ll probably get the car that looks just like it.

What cars do you own that you also have the R/C version of?
The car that I got right now is the Chrysler 300. [I got it] when I signed my first deal with Collipark Music in May and I got a [R/C version]. I got some 22s on it, and they’re like the same size on the [R/C].

Do you take them on tour?
Nah, I don’t really have space, ’cause I don’t just be on my tour bus; I’m catching airplanes everywhere and going through security, so all that would be too hectic.

Have you ever wrecked one?
Yeah, plenty of times [laughs]. One time I was driving it in the middle of the road, and it got ran over. I dipped, though [laughs]. It was all good though, ’cause I got me another one. It be crazy, but I have to watch out: I don’t wanna get one run over again.

Any chance you’ll get into other toys?
I’ve messed with remote control airplanes, too. My DJ, DJ Southernbred, put me on that. He’s been doin’ the airplanes for a minute. I can’t get into that, but it looks fun. I [like] stayin’ on the ground.