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Ford’s new Sync technology takes ya focus off the gadgets.

Technology runs our lives. Now, with Ford’s new Sync in-car entertainment and information system, it can drive them as well. Co-developed with Microsoft exclusively for Ford vehicles, Sync attempts to bring all the tech that we swear by together while you’re on the road. Built around USB and Bluetooth technologies, Sync allows you to seamlessly connect any MP3 player, hard disk or cell phone to the system. Once connected, operation is Fisher Price simple. To play a track, press the talk button on the steering wheel and tell the system what song you want to hear. The same goes for your phone. When connected, your entire phone book is available, just say a name and you’ll soon hear their voice through your car speakers.

Because of the scalability of the system, Sync will work with any Ford, Lincoln or Mercury stock audio system, but you’re better off rolling with one of their navigation setups so you can operate the trick, easy-to-use touchscreen interface. The pièce de résistance, however, comes when someone shoots you a text message. Once you receive a text, Sync is able to read out the entire message, even text message shorthand, like “LOL” and smiley faces. But be careful, getting a text from your sidepiece while your entrée is riding shotgun could prove problematic. You don’t want technology to ruin your life.

Damien Scott

  • Immy

    Technology doesn’t ruin your life Damien it only brings to light what was done in the dark.