Memphis rapper Kia Shine goes mudding then crashes into the hood.

As told to Toshitaka Kondo

“I was rushing to work at a Hampton Inn call center in Memphis in a ’95 two-door, white Chrysler Sebring with chrome 16-inch rims. My license was suspended. It was raining, and I took Riverdale Road going about 70[mph]. There were these little curbs, and I rolled right off the side of the road and got stuck in the mud. They had to call the cops before the tow truck could pull it because the car had driven off the road. A friend of mine who happened to be driving on the same road acted like he’d been driving the car so I wouldn’t get charged with driving with a suspended license.

“After they pulled the car out, I tried to drive back to the house, but the front was dented, and the left headlight was cracked. As I was driving I noticed that the hood wasn’t latched properly. I was only going like 20 miles per hour, and a lot of cars were behind me, so I sped up. Then the wind blew the hood backward and smashed the windshield.

“I pulled the hood down and tied it down with a belt, but the car wasn’t drivable at that point, so I had to have a tow truck come and take it to the shop. They said the frame of the car was bent, and it was almost $8,000 for everything. I didn’t have insurance at the time of the accident, and I wasn’t going to pay out of my pocket, so I didn’t even get the car back. I went right to the lot and got a black ’94 Nissan 300ZX the next week.”