Oct/Nov 2007

  • mickey mouse was extremely late to the car show due to his 7000lb body kit slowing him down

  • Isaiah Fuentes

    And you wonder why people say Disney fans are gay!!

  • scott landers

    Welcome to the asian hippys cocain festival

    • Buck

      FUCK YOU!!!!

  • john

    get out of the way , i rather see your truck than you nigga.

  • REM

    John if its his truck expect to see him until you can get your own!!!!!!


  • cameron

    damn that f-450 is sittin so high must be on 30’s or more. damn!! he doin it big nigga.

  • luis

    Fuck men that ferrari is nice

  • Kc

    thats chamillionare man he aint no ****** N****, hes famous *** hole you ****** bi***es

  • nick

    dude that benz is really nice but the paint job could be better

  • do you take car photos of girls and hot cars …like the nopi.com festival in atlanta -past aug…see my samples…www.paidmodels.com -stevens photo