2008 Pontiac G6


Rating 4
Damage $30,690
Power 227hp, 235lb.-ft.
0-60 7.4 seconds
Top Speed NA
Gas Cash 17 city, 24 hwy
Miles Driven 263

InteriorWith the two-piece retractable hardtop up, the cabin is a black hole unless you opt for the taupe, er, tan guts. Keep the top down to let some much-needed light in. Two rear buckets are very Euro-touring-coupe and—just like ’em—have little to no legroom.

Exterior Like a maître-d’ at a cocktail party, the G6’s exterior just fades into the background—no flair or outstanding curves. Though, in coupe form, some of the hood and trunk angles give the G6 ’vert an agro stance.

Floss Factor Pontiac nailed the all-season hardtop ’vert concept—it’s two cars in one. And hey, Aston Martin doesn’t even have a hardtop ’vert. Its mediocre persona demands lowering and more aggressive rollers.

Flaw Factor At speed, the front end tends to dip and dive into the turn before ya ready—two hands on the wheel, player.

Extra Extra If your foot weighs a ton, prepare yaself for first gear squeals from every red light. The G6 might feel swift from the get-go, but you’ll be slappin’ the auto-manual for more oomph on the highway. The stock Monsoon sound system is dumb loud and clear all the way to max—careful, the sensitive volume knob might make ya ears bleed

Jack Chinelli