Street Fighter

Transformers star and Autobot ally Tyrese Gibson dreams of morphing into a B-2 stealth bomber. Wonder how road hog Optimus Prime feels about that?

Story Sean A. Malcolm /// Photography Zackery Caneperi

With Hollywood’s history of adapting classic cartoons into crappy motion pictures (Masters Of The Universe, anyone?), the one sentiment among the RIDES brain trust in regards to the upcoming Transformers epic is rather simple: “Please, don’t eff this one up!” And as star of the Independence Day blockbuster, Tyrese Gibson is certain this will not happen. “You’ve already seen Spider-Man—all you see is Spider-Man jump on some new buildings and do some new tricks,” jokes the singer/rapper/actor. “There’s never been a [CGI film] on this level. You won’t be disappointed.”

  • Lea Marie

    Tyrese is Soo…DAMN SEKSI!!! and ID Love to meet him!!!!