Stereotypes indicate that men have an innate sense for driving while women are good at driving men nuts. Reppin’ their genders, Pitbull and Lumidee put those theories to the test.

Story Miami Bob /// Photography Jeffery Salter

It’s been said many times: Women can’t drive. And while there’s been no real evidence—besides your girl curbing your freshly purchased 24s trying to parallel park—to back this up, men everywhere (and some self-loathing women, too) agree. Hell, before Danica Patrick headed to Milan for the day with Hov, many people didn’t even know there were female professional racecar drivers. Tired of the bickering between the genders, we decided to put this discussion to bed. To do this, we put Mr. 305 himself, Pitbull, who admits to sometimes paying more “attention” to his passenger than the road ahead, and Harlem R&B goddess Lumidee, who has only a learner’s permit, through the driving-school regimen to see who would fare better. Though these artists manage to gracefully maneuver the record industry, only Pitbull was able to do the same on the road test, acing all but one part of the road test administered by Sylvio’s Traffic School in sunny South Beach, Florida. Lumidee didn’t do as well, but hey. She doesn’t even have a license!