Fave Five

MC SHAN- Queensbridge MC

’89 Audi 5000
First car I owned in the rap game. It coined the phrase “I’m Audi 5000.” I had foreign cars before the drug dealers did.

’89 BMW 525
The system was tight like a fish tank. I was the only cat riding around New York with 16 switches.

’91 Mercedes-Benz 300E
Had more pull off the line than the BMW. The car was perfect. You could fall asleep behind the wheel.

’96 Chevy Suburban
Had enough TVs in that car to keep my kids quiet for hours. It would eat the hell out of gas in the city; great on the highway, though.

’91 Ford Explorer
Copped it when it first came out—nobody had them. I had a parrot that matched, and it used to ride in the back seat.

as told to matt Caputo