Fake and Bake

The Chinese auto market is baking up some clones, but who’s hungry?

Shanghai Auto Show: Jon Alain Guzik, Computer: Matjaz Bonzina/iSTock photo

Shanghai is the city of the future. Imagine a mash-up of Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles but on a scale 50 times as large. The streets are clogged with traffic—mostly VWs, Audis and Buicks—at all times of the night. China is quickly becoming the hot market for the global auto cats to hedge their future bets. It’s also a whole different world here: GM is the No. 1 sales leader, Buick is king of the road and Audi and BMW both make special China-only long-wheelbase models—if you’re anyone in China, you let ya driver do the wheelin’. Kapow!