Crazy Eights

BMW's CS Concept does four doors like two in what could be the new 8.

to be or not to be

If the Chris Bangle CS Concept makes it out of the studio, BMW may be stuck playing the name game. Will it brandish a name from the CS or “coupe sport” first released in 1968, or from the BMW it has also boosted its styling cues from, the 8 Series heavyweight from the ’90s? The 8 had a near–cult following and rock-star status among German auto connoisseurs. And more than likely, the CS nameplate will not prevail, which could satisfy the rumors of a second coming of the 8 Series, if it comes at all.

battle of the brands

Bitter rivals to the end, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have always jockeyed for German automotive supremacy. And the BMW CS continues the battle with its future competitor, the Mercedes-Benz CLS. Sleek and chic is the name of the game for both adversaries with their low-slung, hunkered-down stance. Lower, wider and, yes, even sexier, the CS ups the ante once again in favor of BMW. Other competitors include upcoming Aston Rapide and Porsche Panamera.

internal affairs

With its quad-bucket performance-style seating, you won’t be taking the fam on vacation, but you will be secure in your own personal cockpit during 150mph plus rips. The George Jetson–styled gauge cluster complements more traditional leather seats and composite ceramic paneling. Driving is optimized with ergonomic driver-focused styling aimed at giving the driver his own zone for the ultimate driving experience.

Another Dimension

Low, long and wide is the goal with this new concept. The CS is almost two inches longer and five inches wider, and the roofline is a staggering five inches shorter than the current BMW 750Li.

Bling Blind Ya

The inventive LED reverse-projection headlights provide better visibility and less glare for oncoming traffic than the current purple-looking HID systems. The enlarged fender wells currently housing
21-inch wheels from stock scream, “Put bigger wheels on me!” So don’t be surprised if you see T.I. pushin’ a CS with a set of extra-large staggered wheels in his next video.

Fast and Ferocious

Under the hood, the CS Concept is powered by a version of the M5’s V-10 motor boasting 500hp and 383 ft.-lb. In staying true to the 8 Series heritage, you can bank on a 12-cylinder version on the horizon.