2008 Infiniti

Nine times out of 10, the sequel lets down the original; just listen to Mase’s Double Up.

But Infiniti’s sophomore coupe is coming back guns blazing. When first scoping out the G37, you will notice that it doesn’t look much different than the G35. Call it the prettier sister. But this is not just a simple facelift. The only thing that remains on the outside that carries back to the G35 are the door handles. As for underneath, that’s quite a bit different, too.

Get in, and you will find yaself in the middle of the best upgrade: the interior. Gone is the Nissan-like feeling. Sit down, and you will notice quickly how comfortable and supportive the buckets are, unless you are trying to rear-seat it, then you’d best not be a tick over five-foot.

In addition to the aesthetic treatment, Infiniti has upped the gadgets inside. While you can still get navigation, it will now be available with XM Navtraffic to help you avoid getting caught bumper-to-bumper. Infiniti added other bells and whistles, such as an internal 9.3 GB hard drive, and go ahead, plug ya iPod in and control it from the steering wheel. It sounds great broadcasted over the 11-speaker Bose system. Yup, you get two 10-inch subs.

But the real fun won’t start ’til you push the start button and wake the 330hp V6 (a 55hp jump from the G35).

Romp the go-pedal, and whether you’re pushing the 6-speed manual or paddle-shift autobox, the car will take off in a panic. If you opt for the four-wheel active steering, you may find the car to be more stable at higher speed, but this option is not for dude who thinks he’s a race-car driver. But then again, this is a luxury coupe—so know ya role, Speed Racer.

POWER 330hp, 270 lb.-ft.
0-60 sub-six seconds
GAS CASH V6 thirst

INTERIOR As fly as a whip may be in the flesh, the guts are where you are gonna spend most of ya time, so it’s a good thing that Infiniti paid attention this time around. The leather sport seats, clean trim and load of gadgets reinforces the fact that you are pushing a luxury coupe.

EXTERIOR The G37 effectively pulls off a fresh new face without losing the
essence that made the G35 such a hot ride. Add the 19-inch rims and rear spoiler that come standard on the Sport model, and you’re straight showroom-floor pimping.

FLOSS FACTOR Luxury mixes with performance like oil and water, but somehow Infiniti got it proper. The car looks and feels high-society but will keep you planted in the seat when beaten.

FLAW FACTOR The rear seats are about as useful as an umbrella in SoCal. And for those not baller enough to go Sport, you will be denied that third pedal. Yup, autobox only.

Brian Scotto