2007 BMW M6

The BMW M6 convertible has a drinking problem, or says the good ol’ EPA.

When you cop this car from the dealership, you’ll pay a $3,000 gas-guzzler tax, so if you’re too green to spend that kind of green, don’t even bother test-driving this beast.

Rationalizing the purchase of a 500hp luxury drop-top with seven gears is a futile effort—until you get the stock 19s rolling. Then press and hold one of the convertible buttons (one for up, the other for down) for 20 seconds, and let the noisy drop-top mechanisms do their business. A greeting chime will let you know the process is done.

Now get moving.

If you’re the type that skips reading the manual before you play with a gadget then you’ll never get the bang for your $23,200-over-base 6 Series ’vert worth. The 5.0L V10 can only be used and abused—oh, it loves it—with the right combination of button pressing. And for you slackers who don’t want the hassle of fidgeting with three suspension settings and 11 driving/shift programs, just press the power button on the center console or “M” button on the wheel.

Even though you’ll have a neck ache and bed head by the time you park the M6 ’vert, a smile will still lace ya face—the two quad tip exhausts wail loud enough to set off car alarms in your ’hood.

The $3,500 Silverstone II Merino Leather is bright. Ya might want to throw some shades on, ’cause they reflect more light than the diamonds around Fabo’s neck. Rear riders will have plenty of breathing room provided you have the seat locked in an upright position…or they’re amputees.

So what if the M6 swigs like a sun-drenched athlete? When roofless, its V10 soundtrack is heard more clearly than the Logic 7 system and when interrupted bystanders turn, they see who’s passed. Crank it.

Rating 6
Damage: $114,990
Power 500hp, 383 lb.-ft.
0-60 4.6 seconds
Top Speed 155mph
Gas Cash 12 city, 19 hwy
Miles Driven 690

Interior With the ragtop up, the interior isn’t exceptionally quiet, but don’t complain—you’re in an M. It’s all BMW guts; move on, folks, nothing to hear here. Optional black carbon fiber is almost too sporty. But if you’re a sport, you bought the Xbox-like four-color heads-up display.

Exterior The M6 ’vert looks as heavy as it is. Ragtops are usually a blemish, but the M6’s edgy metal proportions dwarf the roof’s cloth. With the top lowered, the love/hate rear end makes sense. The car works topless.

Floss Factor From stoplight to freeway, the M6 always looks pissed off—get used to slow and fast cars movin’ out the way. A gold-digger neck breaker for sure.

Flaw Factor Parking can be puzzling, ’cause the hood disappears abruptly. And the front clip is low, so watch out for them killer curbs!

Jack Chinelli