’07 Saturn Aura


Rating 4
Damage $26,269
Power 252hp, 251 lb.-ft.
0-60 6.4 seconds
Top Speed 115 mph
Gas Cash 20 city, 28 hwy
Miles Driven 406

Interior To say this Saturn was out of this world would be an overstatement—and a cliché—but the Aura will surprise you inside. Remote keyless entry and start, for starters, leather seats with eight-way driver’s lumbar adjust and a leather-wrapped steering wheel pack this sedan out. Plus all those airbags will make you feel über-safe.

Exterior With two exposed exhaust pipes and 18-inch rims, the Aura has a bold yet sporty design and is fly enough to hold its own next to the big boys sitting in valet, including its archenemies: the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and Volkswagen Passat.

Floss Factor Unlike most economically correct cars, the Saturn Aura actually looks and drives great. And its performance level is high for its price (252hp!).

Flaw Factor You’re sure to miss a beat or turn with OnStar’s new GPS navigation system, Turn-by-Turn. The way it works? It doesn’t—you have to call an adviser, who sends step-by-step directions to the car’s stereo.

Extra Extra Faux ballers can rest easy. The Saturn handles well, and it’s
easy on the eyes and pockets. Heated seats, XM Sat and fuel efficiency make the XR a total fan fave. And for a couple more Gs, upgrade ya self with the premium trim package with leather and a panoramic sunroof. Now that’s astronomically fly.

Rachelle Gauthier

  • Saturn cars have competitive designs. I’m impressed of how GM made its parts even more powerful, just like the Saturn header pipe. I’ve heard that they’re going to have fascinating designs for the coming year and I’ll be looking forward on it just like when I first heard about the redesigned Aura, which actually has been innovated with superior quality parts,