Toy Story

Oakland’s Thizz Whipperz crew isn’t offended if you consider their car club child’s play.

The Thizz Whipperz car set has been bitten by the fly car bug, and there’s no cure in sight. “Our whole crew be whippin’, man,” Mistah F.A.B., 26, says of the close-knit crew, who are affiliated primarily through northern California–based record label Thizz Entertainment, which was founded by slain rapper Mac Dre. “We didn’t have to do any recruiting because throughout the Thizz camp you’re liable to see anything from old-schools to Bentley GT Coupes to S550 Mercedes-Benzes to G-Wagens. That’s just how we roll.”

Overdoses of candy paint, big rims and even a tricked-out yellow school bus are expected when it comes to these Bay Area playas. Not bad for a place that’s just recently cemented its spot in car-culture history. The Whipperz have been more than happy to embrace all the media attention the region has been getting thanks to the popularity of sideshows and ghostriding. “For a long time people didn’t understand it,” F.A.B. says, recalling out-of-towners’ first reactions to locals going dumb in their autos. “People shied away from it in the beginning. They said we were crazy and whatever we were doing up here was dangerous. Now with all the hype, people are asking questions and coming through to see something new.”

At the end of the day the Thizz Whipperz are all about having a good time. They’re more interested in motivating youngsters around the way who look up to the team, which was officially put together in 2006. “It feels good to be an inspiration for the kids in the hood,” F.A.B. continues. “We’re like the modern day ‘That’s My Car.’ We’re like big kids ourselves, and these cars are our toys.”