The Monster Family

Noel and Kevin Lee run things at Monster Cable, but it ain’t just about speaker wire to this father-and-son duo. These dudes are real car fiends, so RIDES hits ’em with two important questions.

Cars say a lot about a dude. What whip explains you best?
N.L. I’d say a Porsche Carrera GT. It’s fast, it’s got a lot of horsepower and it goes exactly where you point it. I give direction well; I point the company.
K.L. I would have to say the 993 Porsche because it’s high maintenance. It’s sporty, it’s out there. It’s in your face. It’s flashy. It just has a lot of character and a classic demeanor. That’s who I think I am.
Which is the best car to have, um, recreational activities in?
K.L. That would be my old 15-passenger Carnelian van that I had. That’s the most comfortable with the full mattress and everything.
N.L. None of my sports cars, because you got no room. But you have to get a Continental Flying Spur. It’s a four-door. It’s like a Continental GT, except it’s got a lot of room in the back. That’s the one you need. Omar Mazariego