Stock Value

Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, R&B singer Lloyd is gonna keep his Lincoln Continental all original.

By law, drinking and gambling are the two rightful ills everyone’s entitled to when turning 21 years old.

But when R&B pinup Lloyd entered adulthood this past January, the Decatur, Georgia, native hit the jackpot instead of the bar when music-label boss Irv Gotti forked over the keys to his black-licorice ’62 Lincoln Continental convertible. Stock from the feet up, Lloyd’s reverence for yesteryear doesn’t stop with his whips. In fact, his sophomore disc, Street Love, is smothered with classic rhythm and blues grooves. Peep how music’s youngest in charge gets his grown-man on. We’ll drink to that.

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  1. S.Singh

    Please stop saying that Lloyd is from Decatur. He is from Stone Mountain, and their is nothing wrong with that. Saying that youre from Decatur wont make you hard, besides youre an R&B singer.


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