Lone Stars

With their bag of tricks rides, Hackshack is a Texan top shop.

Long before Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and his need-for-speed bunch from The Fast and The Furious left tricked-out Japanese imports imprinted in automotive pop culture, Hackshack was cutting its teeth on a tuner. “We were building a 1999 Honda Civic,” says 27-year-old shop owner Jay Ivey. “We decided to go to the extreme with it; we wanted to make it as wild as we could. We shaved the whole car and had custom LEDs built for the rear. It had TVs in the dash and headrest—before people were doing that—and was painted in 52 different shades of paint, plus graphics. It had a motor swap and every accessory that they made.” This ride set it off for Hackshack, but the Texas crew has since diversified their portfolio, having built everything from hi-risers to low-lows.

“The Hackshack has turned out some of the most tricked-out rides in Texas,” says Ivey. “From air suspension to body drops, if your ride needs it, we can do it. We have people from all over the country that send us their cars for airbag jobs. We airbag everything.” The 10,000-square-foot facility, which has grown tenfold from its Honda days, has become known for custom suspension work but can also handle the craziest custom bodywork, performance and mobile-entertainment installs—just peep their ’69 Eldo (See Shop Talk for details).

So no matter what the job calls for, the boys at this shop are no hacks, boasting a résumé of trophy-winning whips in the ’hood to prove it. “Hackshack is all about quality of work,” Ivey says. “With our years of experience in the custom automotive market, you can be assured that your vehicle will leave our shop better than when you brought it to us and that it will stand out in a crowd.” Even if it’s only two inches off the ground.

Shop Talk
Name Hackshack
Website hackshacktexas.com
Location 4635 Northwest Hwy, Garland, TX 75043
Owner Jay Ivey
Years in Business 8
Specialty Air bags/suspension/interior
Celeb Clientele Kennoy Kennedy (Detroit Lions), Sam Brandon (Denver Broncos), Cat Daddy (K 104), Nate Quick (K 104)
Standout Custom Job ’69 El Dorado FWD with a mid lift front and rear with King Ranch coilovers in the front and airbags in the rear to control the ride height, 24-inch DUB Trump spinners and 42-inch plasma TV with motorized mount in the trunk
Turnaround time One week on simple air lift suspensions to six months on elaborate builds like frame-offs

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