‘Lac Luster

After 15 years in the game, some things about Devin The Dude haven’t changed: His style, his flow and his Lacville ’79.

Houston rap star Devin The Dude is pretty low-maintenance. Unfortunately for him, his vehicle of choice is the complete opposite. He drives a ’79 Cadillac Seville. Unlike many hip-hop artists, who care just as much about driving the hottest cars on the streets as they do about dropping the hottest lines on beats, Devin is different. He’s content to simply keep his ride on the road. Since copping the kitty he refers to as Pearly Mae in ’92, The Dude claims that he’s paid for her at least nine times in repair costs alone. Hopefully his latest Rap-A-Lot Records release, Waitin’ To Inhale—featuring Snoop Dogg, André 3000, Lil’ Wayne and Bun B—is received well enough to help D keep his money right. Pearly needs new shoes.

Story adell henderson /// Photography jack thompson

5 Responses to “‘Lac Luster”

  1. C-Lawle$$

    Wutz up world…dis sum hot shit in deez bookz keep it tight… cause I’m So Crunk!!!

  2. C-Lawle$$

    Shit, Devin Da Dude!!! MR.” Lac ville ’79” Mane if yall ain’t up on him yet mane yall gotz to be crazy…. I’m from da West Tenn & we been on “Da Dude” since late’94 early’95 I remember skippin school wit my homie, bumping dat “Sittin in front of da ride, Drankin & smokin sum weed, checkin out da bitches tryin 2 see wut I can pull, I didn’t know dat it wuz so many hoez down here,they got a parkin lot full,& I’ll be checkin out da bitches tryin 2 see wut I can pull” I got my woman listenin 2 da new junt!! Take care yo bizz… Devin iz wutz up!!

  3. Dion Jermon

    Man I have the same 79 seville, white with white interior. Thats a good look pimpin.


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