J-72 20”22”24” jaagrutiwheels.com

Jaagruti, loosely translated in ancient Sanskrit, means “fresh air.” Still lost in translation? How about this: When the artisans at AKA Motoring debut their new golden-touched Jaagruti J-72 luxury rims, they will provide a much-needed breath of fresh air to the custom shoe game.

“The J-72 rim was designed in Asia, where gold represents luxury,” says AKA Motoring Manager Kevin Lee. “So it made sense for AKA to create a new line with a combination of rim colors featuring gold accents when targeting a unique and stylish look for luxury vehicles.”

Jaagruti shoes, which also come in chrome with black accents or black with chrome accents, are matched with a stainless-steel lip that reflects AKA’s signature style. The wheels are made using a low-pressure casting method that produces the wheels quicker and yields a stronger, denser product. And for the wheel aficionados holding their breath on coppin’ the royally-sleek J-72s based on the take-home price, the starting bid of $1,000 a set should provoke a huge sigh of relief.

So whether you throw the 20s, 22s or soon-to-be-released 24s on your whip, expect onlookers to require
oxygen when you blow through the potholed corners of ya hood. Maurice Bobb