ICE Storm

Make summer even hotter with these sonic upgrades.

Audiobahn High Excursion Subwoofers You dropped all that money on a new grille to dress up your front end, so why not do the same favor for your back seat? Audiobahn’s High Excursion line flashes a healthy bit of chrome to catch eyes. Not just good-looking, they can take a beating: The 12-inch model can handle up to 700 watts. Ten- and 15-inch versions are available as well, so your trunk can be dressed to impress with all the bass you want. $190–$300


1. Pioneer Pro Series Subwoofers
Available in 10- and 12-inch models, Pioneer’s new Pro Series subwoofers offer maximum sound with minimum airspace. They’re not the super-slim models that have been offered lately, but new Air Suspension technology allows them to bump in about half the airspace of conventional subs. Even if your ride ain’t bagged, your subs can be. $230–$250

2. JL Audio Universal Battery Terminal
Neat, clean and safe, this universal terminal from JL Audio keeps you connected, regardless of what size wires you’re running. This do-it-all connects to the positive or negative terminals, and hangs on to several gauges of wire. This terminal sports eyelets for easy mounting. Made of anti-corrosive Stannum, it may be the only shiny thing in your engine bay. $60

3. Boston Acoustics GTuned Enclosures
Even the best subwoofer is going to sound weak in the wrong enclosure. If your audio needs are somewhere between budget glue jobs and fully custom painted fiberglass, peep this happy medium. Boston Acoustics has engineered a serious box designed for its high-end SPG555 sub. The box is available in both sealed and ported models. It’s compact and practically bulletproof with a double-walled front. The sub rests comfortably countersunk for even more space efficiency. $750–$850

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