High-Speed Lift

The Heico/Burton C30 concept shreds on the streets.

Snowboarders have a rep for acts of debauchery at Stratton Mountain, Vermont, where the U.S. Open is held each year. It’s like spring break with less skin. But this year the only thing that was really making any noise was this Volvo C30. A collabo between Heico Sportiv, the famed European Volvo tuning company, and Burton Snowboards birthed the hot snow-camo hatch. And as riders like Shaun White, Keir Dillon and Kevin Pearce were straight killing it in the pipe, Volvo was kicking it around town showing off the goods. Heico added heavy modifications to make this three-door a 300hp monster. The 2.5-liter Euro-spec engine was fitted with a turbocharger, intercooler and performance exhaust. But it takes more than luck and some road salt to navigate the treacherous Vermont twisties and infamous frost heaves, so Heico also installed their coil-over suspension for a sporty but smooth ride, and hit up Haldex for an electronically controlled AWD system for the C30.

This whip is perfect for hauling the crew—and all your gear—to the mountain. The cargo compartment has an integrated storage system for boards, boots, helmets and other gear. The interior is accented with Burton logos stitched into the gray and black leather-wrapped seats.

With a custom-fabricated body kit and a seven-stage pearl-effect camo job, this hatch turns heads even when it’s tucked in a parking spot at the mountain. In the halfpipe competition, the bigger the better, but off the slopes, this C30 holds it down on the small scale. Jacqueline Bates