Flight Risk

This mega Magnum and its elusive owner are about to take off.

Somebody in Roxboro, North Carolina, passed on Clint Eastwood’s ’73 flick Magnum Force. In the movie, Dirty Harry states, “a man’s got to know his limitations.” The owner of this 2005 Dodge Magnum, who prefers to stay unknown, obviously threw limitations out its 20 percent–tinted windows. Not that there was any room for that on the inside, anyway. He’s already had to fold down the three-passenger backseat to make room for his subs—four JL Audio 13.5-inchers.

“The box is what makes it stand out, though,” says Adam Wolfe, owner of local Dreamworks Motorsports, who gave this Magnum the blue-carpet treatment. “The whole front is fiberglass, and the back is plexiglass. It was hard to do, but you’re not going to find any other boxes with that kind of setup.” In addition to the speakers being placed at different angles, the back-ends are surrounded by LEDs and mirrors, creating a sleek, more-than-meets-the-eye illusion. The speakers, along with the rest of the car’s electrical, are powered by JL Audio 1000 and 450×4 amplifiers that are placed in a cut-out hole in the trunk floor and surrounded by remote-controlled neons. The trunk is finished with two Memphis Car Audio 6.5-inch speakers, a Nesa 20-inch screen molded in the hatch door, blue suede lining and embossed Dodge emblems.

Being able to see your sounds does come with its setbacks, though. On top of having to run at least 200 feet of wiring into his 16-foot-long ride, the owner also had to deal with a box that blocks his vision through the back window. That problem is solved with a rear mini-camera that automatically shoots images to a 10-inch screen in the front console when the car is in reverse. Other goodies include a 15-inch pull-down screen in the ceiling, Alpine radio, ostrich interior and gray suede headliner. The inside color scheme continues on the outside with the two-tone paint job featuring Orion Silver and Kandy Oriental Blue, both from House of Kolor. For the lights, it features smoked tails and blue remote-controlled strobes on the heads.

The owner chose not to make any performance modifications, so Dreamworks couldn’t afford to sleep on the car’s appearance. They woke up the wheels with 24-inch TIS rims, putting blue caps in the middle, and, of course, Pirelli tires. “We do Magnums all the time here, they’re not difficult at all,” says Wolfe, mentioning that this one is sitting on its stock height. “The only problem with this one is that we were going to add springs later, but the owner has been driving it around ever since we finished.”

Because North Cack is home to the Wright Brothers and Air Jordan, “flying it around” might be a better phrase. Pairing an LSD Lambo door kit with a Red Bull can–like color scheme really makes the car look as if the owner gave it wings. That should be expected: North Carolina’s license plate doesn’t boast “First In Flight” for nothing.

Spec The Technique

Exterior LSD Lamborghini door kit, Orion Silver and Kandy Oriental Blue paint from House of Kolor
Interior Ostrich leather seats and gray suede headline
Wheels 24×10 24-inch TIS rims, Pirelli PZero Nero tires
Performance All stock
Ice Alpine deck, Nesa 20-, 15- and 10-inch screens, four JL Audio 13.5-inch subwoofers, Memphis Car Audio 6.5-inch speakers, JL Audio 1000 and 450×4 amplifiers

Story Maurice G. Garland /// Photography Brandon Burrell

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  1. be-n-real

    didnt they copy this car from a car out of dub mag or sumthin? i hear this dreamsports place is good but not original! they do copy alot of stuff??!!


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