2007 Volvo S80


Interior The S80 instantly torches its frigid German rivals by creating an open, bright and airy driving atmosphere. Earthy brown upper dashboard may sound wack but looks fresh when combo’d with Sandstone Beige hide. Shapely seats are typical Volvo spec—you’re able to tick 200 miles without an adjustment.

Exterior Don’t mistake professional and sophisticated for plain and Jane. The S80 V8 is a winsome whip—its sharp angles make for a blocky and masculine stance while smooth edges on the ground effects keep it aero and alluring.

Floss Factor Pushin’ a Volvo isn’t as ballin’ as a Benz on chrome rollers and rubber bands, but that ain’t the point. Is understated the new overstated? Yes.

Flaw Factor Switchgear lights on the center console, though nicely lit, don’t match gauge dials behind the steering wheel. Maybe a few too many buttons on the stack to fingerblast.

Extra Extra The S80 is the first ever Volvo sedan to rock an eight-banger, but it drives like they’ve been doin’ it for a minute. The cabin is so inviting and pin-drop quiet you’ll only know you’re gassin’ a V8 if you put the
hammer down—and that’s a good thing. Ridiculous 12-speaker Dynaudio system can shake ya fillings loose. BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) consists of two orange LEDs mounted inside next to your side-views that glow when cars are in ya blind spot. Safety first, slacker. J.c.

Rating 4
Damage $56,025
Power 311hp, 325 lb.-ft.
0-60 6.0 seconds
Top Speed 155
Gas Cash 17 city, 25 hwy
Miles Driven 250