Trap Doors

Young Jeezy might have the flow to roll hot in an Italian, but the Snowman prefers to chill outin old-school ’Merican rides.

Yes, you’ve seen Jay “Young Jeezy” Jenkins bending some serious corners in a spankin’-new, lemon-lime Lamborghini Murciélago in the video for his single “I Luv It” from his platinum album “The Inspiration.”

He may own a Skittles-colored Italian speedster, but forget about that, because Jeezy, as it turns out, would much rather you picture him rollin’ in something that’s been aged to perfection. “You’ll see me riding in an old-school muscle car before you’ll see me in the Lambo,” says Jeezy, pointing out that he’s been collecting classic chariots long before cashing fat checks from the Carter administration. “In the A, you turn a lot more heads when you ride out in a clean old-school.” Although he’s just getting started in the rap game, spittin’ ethereal tales of life in the Trap on street bangers like “Soul Survivor” and “Go Getta,” Jeezy’s no rookie when it comes to that old-school whip appeal. Make no mistake about it, the boy Jeezy’s a ridah.

Story Maurice Bobb /// Photography Zach Wolfe

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