Make It Stop

Spinning rims are making New York drivers car sick.

by Brian “B.Dot” Miller

In a move that would even give Tina Turner a bellyache, New York legislators are trying to keep big wheels from turning by reintroducing a 2006 bill to ban spinning rims and hubcaps throughout the Empire State. Apparently, government officials think the swirling chrome can cause vehicular distractions. Manufacturers of the products aren’t too enthused about the idea. “There are bumper stickers and advertisements on wheels that are more distracting than spinning rims,” says Darius Billings, director of marketing at Davin Wheels. “Things like that should be banned rather than spinning rims.”

The bill, S.B. 1640, has also sparked disdain from customization advocates at the SEMA Action Network. “Our concern is that state legislatures are seeking to unfairly, or without safety data, exclude wheel or hubcap options,” says Steve McDonald, vice president of general affairs. “There’s no verifiable safety reason to ban spinning hubcaps or spinning wheels.” But Billings is confident the ban won’t put a dent in New York’s car scene. “[Spinning rims] has kinda died down in the Northeast anyway,” he says. “So to me, its a little too late.”