King’s Court

UGK rules all things Texas car culture and beyond.

As their UGK acronym boasts, Underground Kings Bernard “Bun B” Freeman and Chad “Pimp C” Butler are anything but pawns in the rap game. Hailed as legends of the South, the Port Arthur duo is largely responsible for pushing Texas to the forefront of modern hip-hop and inspiring many younger artists’ hustle and flow. Having authored more than one automotive anthem, their influence remains VS diamond-clear through a string of recent trunk-bangers like T.I.’s “Front Back” and Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’.”

But the Kings’ car game transcends typical H-Town talk of ’84s and Vogues and reveals a much deeper appreciation for cars. Mention just about any year or make, and Bun and Pimp probably have something to say about it. Downright cerebral in their wisdom, they’ll tell you why a whip was hood-hot, what could benefit from a screw-and-chop and which models need to be resurrected. The decrees and mandates are about to begin…listen up, countrymen!

Story Willie G. /// Photography Jack Thompson

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