Ghetto Fabulous

No matter how wealthy Rich Boy gets, his style will stay ‘Bama, ’cept for maybe a Lambo.

With the music industry in a terrible sales slump, any up-and-coming rapper that’s considering copping a Lamborghini Gallardo is better off investing in a financial adviser. But after showing up to a RIDES photo shoot with an Olds that needs more work than New York City public schools, it’s clear that Maurice “Rich Boy” Richards bases his decisions off an unshakeable inner confidence rather than conventional logic. Exhibit A: The Alabama native just knew he’d make it as a rapper, so much so that he dropped out of Tuskegee University to get on the mic. He eventually met multiplatinum producer Polow Da Don (Fergie’s “London Bridge” and Ciara’s “Promise”), who signed Rich to his Zone 4/Interscope imprint.

Exhibit B: Rich has also stated in previous interviews that he would be disappointed if his self-titled debut—dropping in March—didn’t achieve platinum status (the only two hip-hop artists who reached this elusive benchmark in 2006 were T.I. and Jay-Z).
Call it confidence, call it cockiness; either way, his unique perspective of ‘Bama sets him apart. “Throw Some Ds” shows exactly what it’s like to ride in Rich’s hometown, whether it’s riding in ’Lacs with doors that open upward or swerving, which Rich describes as “reckless driving, period.” Combine this insight with sizzling beats from Mannie Fresh, Timbaland, and Kanye West, and Rich may just be an early contender
for rookie of the year.

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