2010 Chevrolet Equinox


Rating: 4
Damage: $36,065
Power: 182hp, 172 lb.-ft.
0-60: Don’t worry about it
Gas Cash: 22 city, 32 hwy
Miles driven: 250

In nature, the word equinox defines a perfect balance between night and day. In automotive terms that might mean anything, though Chevy’s take seems to be a 50/50 split of looks and functionality. All new for 2010, their AWD Equinox delivers SUV utility with aesthetics suitable for a weekend getaway or bowtie affair. While it may only seat five, it does it quite comfortably. So whether you’re up front in the two-tone leather drivers seat, or in back enjoying some in-car entertainment, you’re able to do you, and not worry about anyone getting’ up in your personal space.

Behind the wheel, everything from the hood release to powered-hatch controls are within easy reach and unobtrusive in design. The navi screen has been smartly recessed for glare reduction, and while the many buttons might be daunting, its voice controls do impress. Sure, the 2.4L four-banger may be a bit underpowered, but c’mon, are you really in that much of a rush? — WILLIE G.