2009 Bugatti Veyron

16.4 Grand Sport

Damage: $1,900,000
Power: 1,001hp, 986 lb.-ft.
0-60: Hold On!
Gas Cash: Who cares?
Miles Driven: 37

New for 2009, the Bugatti people in France have decided that the already hype-exclusive Veyron—limited to just 300 copies—wasn’t cuttin’ the mustard. So what have they done? They’ve gone and blown the roof off, raised the price by $500,000 and made the Grand Sport even more unattainable than the standard issue. How? By declaring that they’ll only make 150 examples of the world’s fastest convertible.
Climb inside and behold what near 2 million bucks buys nowadays. Settle into the low bucket seat and make your adjustments—manually, because power seats would have added excessive weight. Then grab hold of the three-spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters and take a look around. Everything you see and touch is covered in rich leather and aluminum. Oh, and the nav screen/backup video-camera display? It’s hidden within the rearview mirror. Slick!

Fire up the eight-liter, 16-cylinder, quad-turbo motor and feel 1,001hp come alive. With the big hole in the roof, you can finally hear this monster scream as it sucks air into the engine. Find an open stretch of road, say a few prayers and plant your right foot. Faster than you can be like, “WHOA!” you’ll find yourself deep in triple-digit speeds. With the roof in place, the Grand Sport will even match the 253 mph top speed set by the coupe. Pop the top, however, and you’ll be aerodynamically limited to 223 mph—which might make you question whether the almost $2 mil sticker is really justified… We’re kiddin’! It’s worth every damn penny. “MONEY” MATT TUCCILLO