2009 Dodge Journey

Rating: 5

DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU the Dodge Journey is a minivan. It’s not; it’s better than that. The styling of the Journey is far fresher than the bowl-shaped grocery getter your mom carted you around in. Stare at the front-end styling long enough and you might even catch a Saab styling cue or two. The rest of the body, though, looks like a shrunken Grand Cherokee. With 235 ponies, the V6 is surprisingly peppy and is
mated to a smooth six-speed tranny. Creature comforts are where the Journey gets top marks. Throw down the extra cash for the “Entertainment Group II” package and the Journey’s got you covered on the aural experience. A 368- watt amp, six Infinity speakers and a sub make sure all those beats entering your ears are crisp and clean. The only downside to the interior is its second-row seating, which only fits kids. Slow down, homie. MICHAEL CRENSHAW