2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Rating: 5

IF YOU NEEDED PROOF that the whole “green craze” has gotten out of hand, look no further. Yes, the likes of contractors and Brady Bunch–spec families still need their big pickups and vans, but does anyone ever really need an Escalade? Come on. You’re not saving the planet in a big way—if you really want to make a difference, it’s time you got your priorities straight. And now that gas prices are falling quicker than 401K balances, it’s unlikely the truck’s 20 mpg average will balance its $10K to $12K bump in MSRP. Granted, the mileage isn’t terrible for something its size, and it’s an Escalade in every other elegant way, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re some kind of hero. The truck’s badging already has that covered. You’ll be hard-pressed to fi nd a vantage point from where at least one “Hybrid” emblem or sticker isn’t visible. They might as well have painted it green with murals of babies and puppy dogs. WILLIE G.