AIR-ZENITH Compressor

DC-12Volt for air suspension applications

Air-Zenith OB2 compressor is the fastest DC-12Volt air suspension air compressor in the market today. It is 200-PSI Working Pressure, 3.8-CFM Air Flow, 100% Duty Cycle Rated at 200-PSI, Patented Interchangeable Piston Technology with oil-free piston and thermally protected 3/4-Horsepower Direct-Driven motor.Air-Zenith OB2 compressor is equipped with IP55 Certified Water Proof cooling fan, ½-inch Stainless Steel Braided Air Hose, Heavy-duty Check Valve, Vibration-free Nylock Mounting Hardware, Weatherproof Air Filter, 80A Heavy Duty Relay, Pre-wired Relay Socket and Industry’s Leading 2-Year Warranty.For more information please contact Air-Zenith at (702) 270-7988. Or visit web site:

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