1961-64 Impala Suspension

By Impala Bob's

MESA, Ariz. — Classic Impalas are famous for going fast and looking good, but if yours doesn’t ride and handle like it used to, you can change that with a new front suspension kit from Impala Bob’s. This complete kit, available for all 1958-70 full-size Chevrolets, includes upper and lower ball joints, inner and outer tie rod ends, tie rod adjusting sleeves, idler arm, upper and lower bump stops and your choice of rubber or polyurethane control arm bushings. Prices range from $459.99 for OEM-style rubber bushings to $499.99 for polyurethane bushings. Customers can order online at www.impalas.com or call 1-800-IMPALAS (1-800-467-2527).“As the years and miles pile up, suspension parts wear out, but it happens so gradually that most drivers don’t feel the difference until the car starts to feel loose and sloppy,” said Impala Bob’s President Bob Antebi. “Chevrolet’s suspension design strikes a nice balance between a smooth ride and stable handling, and our rebuild kits include all the parts you need to bring yours back to factory specifications. The complete kit makes ordering easy, and it’s priced lower than buying each component separately.”For more information, contact Gary Dulude, Impala Bob’s, Inc.; 4753 E. Falcon Drive, Mesa, AZ 85215; Phone: 1-800-IMPALAS ext. 8830; Fax: 480-659-8002; E-mail: gary@impalas.com; Web site: www.impalas.com.Impala Bob’s is a leading supplier of restoration parts and accessories for classic Chevrolet cars and trucks. Established in 1991, the company offers a full line of interior and exterior trim items, seat covers, door panels, carpet, weatherstripping, mechanical and electrical parts, body panels, sound systems, literature and more. Impala Bob’s is based in Mesa, Ariz., and its customers include classic Chevrolet enthusiasts throughout the United States and worldwide.Affiliate companies include Bob’s Chevelle Parts for 1964-72 Chevelle and El Camino; Bob’s Classic Chevy for 1949-57 Chevrolet cars; and Bob’s Chevy Trucks for 1947-72 Chevrolet and GMC trucks, Suburban and Blazer.

4 Responses to “1961-64 Impala Suspension”

  1. jarek

    Helo have Chevrolet Impala 1970 8 slopers number vin 1643901124461
    I whont bay any parts for this car. How are you fixed for as. Allso I will
    be grateful whent you are give as all calculacion (price) about this parts.

    Hood rubeber bumpers
    Front Upper eyebrow holdings LH/RH
    Front hood molding
    Body side molding sits plus side molding clip sits
    Trunk lid molding
    Full size chevrolet mufler
    Chrome single bail master cylinder cover
    Chrome swivel water ngcks
    Block chrome front cover set
    Chrome valve cover breather
    Valver cover gaskets
    Front bumper
    Rear bumper
    Fenders LH/RH
    Inner front fenfer well LH/RH
    Reproduction quarter skins LH/RH or lower qurter patch panels
    Rearovter wheelouse
    Outer door handle sets
    Outer door mirrors
    Steering wheel center shrouds (dark blue)
    Replacement rocker panels
    Door opening sill plates-set od 4

    Allso I needs all weatherstrip sets impala 4 – doors

    Good to cowl seal
    Roof rell weatherstrip LH/RH
    Vent window weatherstrip LH/RH
    Front door frame weatherstrip LH/RH
    Rear door frame weatherstrip LH/RH
    Front inner door weatherstrip LH/RH
    Rear inner door weatherstrip LH/RH
    Frond outer door weatherstrip LH/RH
    Rear outer door weatherstrip LH/RH
    Trunk weatherstrip
    Door stoppers(oll doors)

    When You are didn’t have same parts meby You are have any shops then are
    heve this parts?

  2. Chevy restoration parts

    I’m looking at front end parts for my 64 Impala and ran across a listing of the high performing control arm bushings. I really can’t imagine what that means.

    The ones in the pictures I saw were red. Anyone have any experience with these?

    They aren’t much more money than the factory spec bushings so I’m wondering what’s so high performance about them.



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