Motorola TN30 GPS

Motorola hits the navi scene hard this holiday season with their newest hardware.

Nowadays it’s navi this and navi that. With the abundance of products out you might get lost trying to find one to suit your style. Don’t fret though. RIDES is gonna give you insight on a fresh new navigation system from Motorola. Usually you hear Motorola and you think phones, not GPS, but new for this holiday season is the TN30, which is a portable nav along with a Bluetooth capable speakerphone that is borrowed from their knowledge in the phone biz.

Using the device is as simple as whistling Dixie. Start it up, go through a couple screens and voila, you are ready to navigate. The 4.3-inch touch screen has plenty of surface area when trying to view your next destination but the buttons can be a little small when navigating through the menus. One of the features that caught our eye was the lane guidance, which points you in the right direction with what lane you should be in when coming up to an exit. This is helpful when the road gets all spaghetti on you.

A trick feature of the TN30 is the Bluetooth function. If your phone is one of the, over 200 they tested for compatibility (which it probably is), then get ready for crystal clear audio through the TN30’s speaker. The Bluetooth will automatically connect once you step within the car and if you’re yearning for a little more privacy, the TN30 makes it easy to disconnect mid call.

With maps of the entire U.S. Puerto Rico and Canada, four million points of interest and spoken guidance, the TN30 comes through when the gas station attendants can’t. The ultra portability allows this navigation unit to go from car to car without a hiccup and with a rechargeable battery that lasts two and a half hours, you won’t have to worry about losing your way when the going gets tough.

Price: $300

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