Xenon Range Rover Sport Body Kit

Beef up your LR's already aggressive lines

Xenon’s designers have created a body styling kit to enhance the bold, muscular lines of the Range Rover Sport. The kit is manufactured from virtually indestructible urethane and is ready to prep for paint. The full kit includes fender flares, door/quarter panel flare, side skirts, front air dam, rear hatch spoiler and rear valance, as well as all hardware and detailed instructions for installation.

For more information, visit TeamXenon.com

6 Responses to “Xenon Range Rover Sport Body Kit”

  1. antoine

    its a lil too “rally car” for my taste, but i bet id change my opinion if i saw it in person

  2. Omar Gamble the 3rd

    Thats what a rover suppose to look like, a its time to see some mustangs, camaros, corvettes, challengers, chargers, on 22s and 24s that would be sweet as hell a 2008 SHELBY GT 500 on some 24s!!!!


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