The Inflatable Garage

A bubble for your baby

Too paranoid to leave your ride out in the open air?┬áThe Car Capsule is a clear, vinyl, flame-retardant and anti-static bubble that inflates around your whip, sealing it off from the elements of everyday life. We can’t see how it would offer much protection against anything much stronger than chubby rain or bird crap – but it’ll at least keep touchy-feely types off your fresh wax-job. The eight-foot version is available for $269 and the 22-foot mega-sized version sells for $419.Source:

  • Pancake Flippin

    that’s live as hell

  • StereoDesigner

    thats a good idea….maybe they can add some weights etc…on the bottum of it

  • Michel

    Waar zijn deze opblaasbare garages te koop en zijn ze ook in 3 meter lengte leverbaar

  • Michel

    Where can i buy this garage, and is it also availeble in a 3 meter garage.