Classic Car Shelves

Throwback storage space for your wall

Can’t stop marveling at the vintage whip in your driveway?¬†California Car Cover Company may have something that will tear you away from the window. The company’s new line of classic car shelves pays homage to Shoebox Chevies, ’59 Caddies, C3 Corvettes and ’65 Mustangs. Tack one up, and set your favorite home decor up on the hood- something you’d never dare to do in real life. Prices range from $19.99-$79.99 – an economical addition to any bachelor pad. Good luck trying to get the wifey to cosign on one of these.¬†Source: Autoblog¬†

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  1. Clyde Winfrey

    What happened to the quarterly magazine, “Donks, box, and bubble?” I have been waiting impatiently, but it is m.i.a. Any news, is better than no news.


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