LRG Hayabusa

"You got to coordinate."

The L-R-G Hayabusa blends the panache of one of the hottest urban brands in fashion with the iconic personality of Suzuki57’s fastest production motorcycle.  The exterior look of the Hayabusa has been modified to catch the attention of both motorcycle enthusiasts and fashion aficionados. 
The L-R-G Hayabusa offers a unique Pearl White Powder paint scheme accented by lighted and see-through panels to help expose the custom engine and chassis work of the sportbike.  The lifestyle-inspired motorcycle features a number of striking L-R-G-branded accents, including a custom windscreen with L-R-G pattern by Sportech, stator cover with CNC engraved L-R-G logo and engraved Voodoo exhaust.  The custom Hayabusa also sports a laser engraved L-R-G patterned eat, combining style and overall riding comfort.

– Taken from original LRG/Suzuki press release.

12 Responses to “LRG Hayabusa”

  1. Chauncey Lewis

    This is da dopest motorcycle i’ve ever seen in mi whole life. I luv it big ups to LRG and Suzuki!!!!

  2. J From MD, But Born In D.C.

    i saw it @ tha D.C. bike show a few monthes sick


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