Exhaust Burger

Cause grills are so 2007

No clever words do justice for this next one, so we’ll just give it to you raw. (No pun intended!)

Meet the Exhaust Burger Concept: The latest attempt to harness automotive exhaust for something a bit more productive delicious. Much like your trusty Foreman grill, the Exhaust burger uses indirect heat to cook, keeping all harmful gas and pollution off your lunch – although there’s no visible place for grease to drain, or easy way to check on your meal. Still, despite its flaws and 1-patty constraints, it could be an ideal solution for those who got themselves into too high a car payment and now live on the road.

The Exhaust Burger was recently entered into a recent Designboom competition by a team of Iranian inventors. And y’all thought they were up to no good over there, didn’t you?

Source: Autoblog

4 Responses to “Exhaust Burger”

  1. austin

    Maybe one of the worst ideas ever. What next…purified water from your radiator overflow?

  2. Stereodesigner

    You cant be serious???
    thats asking for someone to get killed….
    what if fumes seep into burger compartment
    BAD IDEA~!


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