Mercedes-Benz Folding Bike

For riders who prefer trunks to racks

New Folding Bike From Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH

Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH developed the folding high-tech bike in partnership with top German cycle manufacturer ADP Engineering GmbH, a company renowned for its exclusive, handcrafted Rotwild brand of cycles. In collaborating on the new bike the partners’ aim was to build a cycle which would satisfy the every need of discerning Mercedes-Benz customers.

Patented solution: a compact fold in just two moves

The new Folding Bike from Mercedes-Benz is perfectly attuned to today’s urban mobility needs. Whether it’s a weekend trip in the Cabriolet or the daily drive to work, the high-tech bike can be unfolded effortlessly in seconds, making it ideal for flexible use in the city. The unique, patented mechanism also allows the bike to be folded in stages. The ergonomically shaped quick-release fastener on the seat dome means that the bike can be folded in seconds. In just one move the front and rear wheels fold together. The advantage here: despite its compact transportation size, the cycle can still be pushed effortlessly. Folded in this way, the bike is perfect for urban “ bike and ride” mobility. A further advantage: the cyclist’s hands stay clean when folding the bike. The second quick-release fastener above the front wheel allows the handlebars to be pivoted downwards, further reducing the bike’s folded dimensions. Fully folded, the exclusive city sprinter measures just 800 x 800 x 280 millimetres, which means that it fits comfortably in, for example, the boot of an open-top Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabriolet and takes up a minimal amount of space in the garage.

Forward-looking design and independent character

One glance at the new Folding Bike is enough to disclose the unmistakable signature of Mercedes-Benz. The independent design was developed by the specialists from the Mercedes-Benz Design Centre in in collaboration with the cycle experts at A DP Engineering GmbH. The distinctive design of individual elements such as the frame tubes means that the new Folding Bike blends seamlessly into the current Bike Collection. The look of the bike follows a distinctive line and underlines the dynamism of this forward-looking city transport option. The fully sprung frame, made from a high-quality aluminium alloy, has a head-turning look – and at the end of the working day, when heading off from the office to the beer garden, for example, is sure to impress.

Exceptional comfort and the ultimate in safety

Thanks to its exclusive features, the Mercedes-Benz Folding Bike offers a standard of ride comfort hitherto unparalleled in this segment. With 30-millimetre spring travel on the fork and 50-millimetre on the frame damper, the suspension of this handy city sprinter effortlessly absorbs any minor unevenness in the road surface and prevents vibration of the saddle and handlebars. The disc brakes ensure an effortlessly superior braking performance and even in the wet offer reassuring safety reserves. An integral lock means that the brake discs act in the same way as an immobiliser on today’s vehicles. The city cyclist has a choice of five modes, and these can be selected precisely using the ergonomically shaped shift lever. The carrier system is integrated into the folding mechanism and remains in a horizontal position when the bike is folded. The advantage: even when the bike is folded, shopping can be left on the carrier.

Practical bike accessories in Mercedes-Benz design

Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH offers an extensive range of accessories for the city sprinter. The practical pannier, made from robust nylon, has a capacity of seven litres and features one main compartment and two subcompartments. The Teflon coating keeps the contents clean and dry. The ingenious t ransport system, with patented “QuickTrack”® snap fasteners, provides a secure hold for the tailor-made pannier and makes it simple to attach to or remove from the carrier: simply snap it into place on the base plate. It is released at the touch of a button, in the same way as a safety belt. A further advantage: thanks to the ingenious carrier system, the pannier can remain in place even when the cycle is folded. From the matching cycle helmet to the compact mini pump and the innovative folding lock, the discerning customer will find plenty of other innovative products to choose from, all in the highest Mercedes-Benz quality.

The Mercedes-Benz Folding Bike will be launched in April 2008 and will be available from Mercedes-Benz partners worldwide.

All words/claims taken directly from product press release. Cool stuff, but what’s with them lowrider-sized wheels? Are we gonna feel like a circus bear on this thing?

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