Rimblem Gold Emblems

Show 'em whatcha got- Fort Knox style

Ice ain’t for everybody- sometimes it takes a more classic shine to set your look off right. With that in mind, Rimblem.com has released its latest line of wheel size-boasting badges in gold. The adhesive emblems are sold in ‘sizes’ 19-28, with chrome and black-pearl finishes also available. “How many inches do you have?”

Hey, calm down- that’s their corporate tagline!

One Response to “Rimblem Gold Emblems”

  1. Brian Ray

    Rimblem Inc. has the hottest emblem product on the market, hands down! The emblems are so nice that they look good on any car… I’ve seen whats out there iceout em’s, tis, size matters ain’t got nothing on rimblem.


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