Edelbrock E-Force RPM Crate Engine

New Heart for your Soulful Throwback

Is a blown motor making that sexy classic of yours nothing more than a glorified lawn ornament? The mad scientists at Edelbrock may have the answer to your dilema- but only if you’re willing to get Frankenstein and make your baby into a monster. Built upon a brand-new GM ZZ short-block, the E-Force RPM Crate is hand assembled by in-house technicians. The source of its performance stems from Edelbrock’s Total Power Package┬«, including: E-Tec 170 heads, RPM roller camshaft, RPM Vortec blower intake manifold, Magnuson MP122 Supercharger unit and 800cfm Thunder Series carburetor. The end result is 9.5:1 compression, 507 HP and 500 Ft./Lbs. of Torque.

The engine is available polished, or in an “as-cast” finish for you subtle types… along with your choice of water-pump.

Every Edelbrock crate engine is backed by a 2-Year / Unlimited Mileage warranty and made to order.

Other features include:
* 507 HP / 500 Ft./Lbs. of Torque
* 100% new construction
* 2 YR / Unlimited Mileage warranty
* 3 applications available, based on options
* Retail Prices starting at: $10,709.95

For more information visit Edelbrock.com, or call (800) 416-8628 for you talkers.

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