So… Hood?

The Renault Megane Concept in a music video

The British hip-hop group, N-Dubz, will show off the Renault Megane Coupe in their new video. We’ve never kicked it to N-Dubz, and if you check ’em out in this picture, you probably won’t either. That dude is wearing cricket shin guards!As for the whip, it looks pretty crazy — we won’t see it in the states, and it might not even go to production, but we thought you should see this. Tell us how you feel about these cats.

2 Responses to “So… Hood?”

  1. buba gc

    i live in london these n dubz cats are stupid they trying get noticed in americas truthfully there music is wack there dress sense is gay and all they rap/sing about is breakups.dont bother listening or wasteing a minute of your time on these guys you wanna hear english rap type frisco wiley jme scorcher ghetts blade brown that is real music with proper cars in there videos FUCK n dubz dis cumin straight from ldn peace.


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