Meet the Maro Angelz

Arguably the better-half of Oakland's "Maro Boyz" crew

Y’all keep asking us “Where are the girls?” Well on their recent feature shoot, Oakland’s Maro Boyz Camaro crew brought out some ladies for your enjoyment: The Maro Angelz Modeling Team. We promised them to you in-book, so here ya go. Don’t say we never follow through!

  • Shoot and issue came out great, wanna thank RIDES Magazine again for bringing The Maro Boyz Muscle Car Club out on the center stage.
    also search us on youtube under “maro boyz”

  • Great article on our club…. finally got us put out there to show what we’re about!!!! Thanks to rides and especially the photographer Andrew from Rides who came out and kicked it with us!!!

    Blue Magic
    Maro Boyz 4th In Command

  • Natalie Bolla

    Where are my pics from our shoot 🙂

  • YoungRichNavarro ™

    what happen to #MaroBoyz?